North Course

Hole 1

Grip it and Rip it! This short par 5 offers a great opportunity for golfers to start their rounds off right with a par or birdie! Keep your tee shot to the right side of the fairway for your best look in to this large green.

Hole 2

From Back Tee: This long par 4 requires a straight drive to the center of the fairway and a well-placed approach shot if golfers hope to conquer this treacherous green.

From Front Tee: This short par 4 offers golfers another good opportunity for par or birdie if they can master this treacherous green.

Hole 3

This long par 4 requires a well struck drive and an accurate second shot to hit this narrow green in two. Short of the green is the miss on this hole.

Hole 4

A well struck tee shot on this majestic par 3 will leave golfers with a great opportunity for par. But be sure to take enough club as this hole tends to play longer than it is.

Hole 5

This beautiful yet challenging par 5 requires a well-placed tee shot and layup shot to leave golfers with a wedge in their hands to attack the flagstick. Golfers brave enough to challenge the trees on the left will have an opportunity to leave themselves with a pitch shot into this true par 5.

Hole 6

If golfers keep their tee shot to the left of this par 4, they will be rewarded with an easy approach shot into this challenging green.

Hole 7

The signature hole here at Deerfield Country Club! This hole demands a well-placed tee shot that lands before the water and a well hit approach shot for golfers to hit this green in two. If golfers are in control of their game they may be rewarded with a par or birdie.

Hole 8

This picturesque par 3 asks golfers to navigate the traps on the left and the woods on the right in order to hit this green and make par.

Hole 9

This straight away par 4 requires and accurate tee shot in order for golfers to have the best opportunity at hitting this green in two which is guarded by sand traps on both sides of the green.

South Course

Hole 10

Stay clear of the sand trap on the right and fire away on this par 4.

Hole 11

Golfers will have to navigate the sand traps on the right and the water on the left to be rewarded with an easy approach shot into this large green.

Hole 12

Be sure to take enough club to carry the sand traps in front on this long par 3. Also, take note of the pin placement on this two tier green.

Hole 13

A gorgeous par 4 where golfers must hit a well struck tee shot and an accurate second to avoid the water on the right and the sand trap on the left of this challenging green.

Hole 14

This long dog leg right par 4 requires a big drive to clear the sand trap on the right and a well struck second shot to reach this green in two.

Hole 15

This straight away par 4 is nestled in the woods and golfers will need to hit a good approach shot into this elevated green to have an opportunity at par or birdie.

Hole 16

This dog leg left par 5 requires a well placed second shot to leave golfers with a short approach shot over water to this two tier green guarded by three bunkers.

Hole 17

This picturesque par 3 is as challenging as it is beautiful! Play it well and golfers will be rewarded with a par.

Hole 18

This par 5 finishing hole provides golfers with a challenge and an opportunity. If golfers can navigate the two fairway sand traps they will be left with a scenic approach to this green which is framed by the sand trap on its right, water on its left and will have a great opportunity for a par to finish their round!

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