East Course

Hole 19

Keep your tee shot down the middle and leave yourself a clear shot into this relatively small green.

Hole 20

This short par 3 is all about where you land the ball on this large rolling green. Front to back require 3 different clubs. Be sure to get the correct distance and a birdie or par are waiting.

Hole 21

This is a long par 5 that often plays into the wind. An opportunity to rip your tee shot and your longest fairway wood can leave you with a nice pitch into this beautiful green guarded by sand on both the left and right.

Hole 22

This is a long par 4 that requires a well struck tee shot leaving you a mid-iron to typical green that will yield a par to solid play.

Hole 23

This hole demands a well struck ball to this large green. Be sure to use enough club to get the ball back to deep pin positions.

Hole 24

This short par 5 is all about accuracy. Keep the ball in the fairway to leave yourself a clear shot through the opening between the tall trees. You don’t want to be long, left or right of this green. Down the middle will provide you with a great opportunity for par or possibly birdie.

Hole 25

The newly enlarged green, 3 new bunkers and new tees make this a fun hole to play. Keep you tee shot in play and leave yourself a short pitch onto this well protect putting surface. Birdie or par are within your grasp.

Hole 26

This scenic hole is playing a bit longer with the addition of 26 trees forcing you to play the fairway. Trouble lurks if you try to challenge the right side. Play it safely out to the left, hit it short of the water and see if you can pitch it close for you birdie or par.

Hole 27

This long par 3 is always much tougher than it looks. Getting a par here is usually more than you can ask for. Keep it straight and avoid the 4 bunkers on the left and right side of the green.

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