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The guidelines for good golf etiquette are what they are for several very important reasons. Many of them relate to the safety of golfers, many relate to pace of play (which helps keep the game enjoyable), and others relate to maintaining the quality of the golf course. Please help us continue to make Deerfield a great course to play by following these simple rules:


Deerfield Golf & Country Club does not warn you of weather that may cause harm or death. If you feel you are in danger do to weather, do not delay, leave the course immediately and go to a substantial building until the weather subsides.

  • Each golfer assumes all risks and danger incidental to the game of golf and is personally liable for all damages to property or injury to persons which result from golfer’s actions.
  • If your ball appears headed toward another player or another group, give them a warning by yelling out, “Fore!” (an internationally recognized alert).
  • Do not hit the ball until you are certain that the group ahead of you is out of range.
  • Be aware of players on other holes.

Deerfield values a top-notch golf experience like no other!  We take your experience so seriously, we’ve invested in 95 brand new Yamaha electric carts for you to enjoy out on the course.  Please help us keep them in the best condition possible by following these simple rules:

  • No one under 16 years of age may operate a golf cart.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license to operate a cart
  • No more than two people may ride in a cart at a time
  • Please use the cart paths whenever possible.
  • Do not drive the cart if you’ve had too much alcohol to drink
  • Do not drive at full speed down hills, around corners, or go off-roading over bumpy terrain.
  • Do not park or drive carts within 30 feet of the greens.
  • Do not park or drive carts on tee boxes
  • Please help us keep them looking new and clean! Use the trash cans provided on the course and in and around the clubhouse.
  • WE RECYCLE. Thank you for your help!


  • Players should complete their round in four (4) hours or less.
  • Singles and twosomes will be paired together when tee times are limited.
  • No group should exceed 4 players unless approved by Pro Shop manager.
  • Always try to keep pace with the group ahead of you. If space opens up in front of you, allow a faster group to play through.
  • Always leave the putting green as soon as your group has finished putting.
  • If your group stops at the turn please do so quickly or your spot on the course may be lost. We will then fit you in on a standby basis.


  • Play from the appropriate tees for your ability:  choose a set of tees with a rating of 142 minus your handicap index.  Or just tee it forward.
  • Play ready golf: (tee to green) when a player is at their ball or on the tee box and is ready to play, they should play.  Take no more than 30 seconds to hit your shot.
  • Drop off your partner and drive to your ball.  When you leave the cart, take three clubs with you, not one.  Park behind the green or on the path to the next hole.
  • Use rules with discretion:  take no more than three minutes to look for balls and take relief when available
  • Keep moving:  proceed quickly to your ball and be ready when it is your turn to hit.
  • While others are putting, prepare for your own putt.
  • Mark your scorecard on the next tee.
  • If your group is falling behind, ask everyone to pick up the pace.
  • Be accountable: Watch your time.


Please give other golfers the opportunity to play by giving us at least a 24 – 48-hour notice to cancel or make changes to your tee time. You may do this during normal operating hours either in person or over the phone by calling 585-392-8080 ext.2. Please do not send emails requesting tee times, changes, or cancellations.


It’s always a great day to play golf at Deerfield Golf and Country Club! However, if the weather should turn inclement during your round, we offer rain checks good thru the end of the current season so you’ll have an excuse to come back when the sky’s clear. A pro shop assistant will give you the proper credit based on the number of holes played:

  • 100% Rain Check if 1-3 holes played
  • 50% Rain Check if 4-9 holes played
  • No Rain Check if 10 or more holes played

Issued for Extreme Weather only


Deerfield Golf and Country Club is proud to offer food and beverage options before, during, and after your round. Outside food and beverages are strictly prohibited on the property. Personal coolers are prohibited unless agreed to in writing by management in advance of play.



  • Acceptable – shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks, golf warm-ups, rain gear, golf shorts up to 4 inches above knees are considered acceptable.
  • Not acceptable – Tank tops, t-shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, bathing suits, or other athletic shorts.


  • Acceptable – Dresses, skirts, slacks, golf warm-ups, rain gear, golf shorts, and blouses are considered appropriate attire.
  • Not Acceptable- Tank tops, t-shirts, cut-offs, jams, sweat pants, bathing suits, or athletic shorts no more than 4 inches above knee.
  • Soft spike golf shoes, metal/ceramic golf spikes are not permitted.

The more you play. The more you save.

Deerfield, 2021 Winner of the D&C Rochester’s Choice Golf Course, is now offering a new, more accessible, type of golf membership! After a small fee upfront, the more you play, the more you save. No Clubhouse spending minimums to worry about, only more advanced tee time reservations, standing tee time availability, and eligibility in our Member Tournaments.





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